DIS Direct Expands Itasca Facilities

January 13, 2018, Itasca, Illinois – DIS Direct announces the expansion of their production facilities and warehouse center in response to increased demand for their specialized direct mail services. The acquisition of 25,000 square feet of adjoining space will provide the additional manufacturing and storage capacities required to support the growth of the company’s products and services.

“We’re excited about our facility’s expansion to 65,000 square feet”, says Frank Liedtke, CEO of DIS Direct. “Our investment in new equipment and added space will allow us to increase our production capacity by twenty-two per cent. That will result in faster turn arounds for clients while enhancing the work experience for our employees. At DIS Direct, we really do produce everything ‘under one roof’.”

Currently, DIS Direct prints and personalizes high-volume direct mail programs and drops over a billion pieces of direct mail annually.

About DIS Direct
DIS Direct, centrally located in Itasca, Illinois, is a premier provider of printing and direct mail services for one-to-one direct marketers. Core competencies include heatset web print, inline and off-line finishing, and ink jet variable print for the production of highly personalized direct mail products. DIS Direct is known for its quality and innovation, and the ability to efficiently execute data-driven direct mail solutions.