4 Ways to Integrate Direct Mail Into Your Digital Marketing Landscape

Remember when you used to check the mail? It was stuffed and filled with circulars, letters, bright and packets, some of which were tossed before anyone ever saw it. It covered table tops and counters, and stacked up quickly. People sorted out the familiar stuff and often swept the whole stack into the trash bin. Something like today’s email inbox, actually.

Direct mail has changed as digital communications have exploded, and that is a good thing for businesses. Standard mailboxes are relatively quiet when compared to the noise online, and you have a good chance of a private audience when you utilize direct mail. Getting the mail is a way of stepping away from the noise of the digital world and reconnecting with the real. As a result, the CMO Council reported that direct mail’s response rate averages 3.4 percent compared to email’s 0.12 percent.

Research shows that consumers engage with direct mail very intentionally. With less competition over their attention, as well as a sure shot of reaching your prospect in a moment of quiet, direct mail can be a great way to deliver a powerful message.

Integrating your direct mail moment into a digital campaign will heighten its impact exponentially. Here are four suggestions for how to use direct mail to give your campaign impact and to connect with and inspire your prospects.

1. Lead Generation and Qualification

Direct mail can be a great way to drive traffic to your landing page, and you can target your ideal audience in a way that’s impossible on digital channels. Using an inbound approach, be sure to offer high-value information or another incentive in order to engage with your prospects. Conversely, you can send valuable information and packets through the mail — a great way to verify high value leads.

2. The Personal Invitation

If a lead has been engaging with your content meaningfully, it might be time to make them a special offer. Direct mail is a great way to offer exclusive specials and to show that you’ve been paying attention to what people are saying and doing online. For example, if you run a food delivery service and have identified leads who have explored the service, you can offer a free dinner using the most popular dishes that visitors click on. A special offer can get lost in the email box, but sending it through direct mail will increase the chances of it being seen.

3. The Big Reveal

If you’ve been developing a product or piquing curiosity about a new concept or project, direct mail can be a great way to inform your audience about important developments and chances to get involved. Again, use actionable data to discover what people are curious about, and reveal something truly new and interesting.

4. Keep It Simple

Simplicity is a great way to make sure your message is heard. Use clean, powerful copy and design to deliver a simple but meaningful message. Don’t try to say everything, but focus on one core message. Using the same tone and style across your email subject lines, ad copy and direct mail copy will create a stable and reliable voice that is recognizable and credible.

Direct mail has a certain tangibility that no other media, for all its effectiveness, can serve up. People just like getting mail. It builds trust and provides an opportunity to showcase your brand in a unique way. Build on the look and design of your digital campaign to differentiate yourself and create a lasting impression.

Building the direct mail option into your campaign will give consumers a vital touchstone on their customer journey, as well as support and amplify your digital presence.

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