Direct Marketing in a Digital World: Marrying Online and Offline Marketing

Even though it’s essential in this digital day and age to participate in some form of digital marketing, it’s still just as essential to engage in some form of “offline” marketing as well. And among the many forms of “offline” marketing, none is more effective than direct marketing. In this blog post, we will go over the various forms of direct marketing that are just as essential to your business as digital marketing. We will also discuss the importance of engaging with your customers using direct marketing. Finally, we will show that the most effective marketing encompasses many forms of marketing, and why this is so.

Why Do You Need Direct Marketing?

Both digital and direct marketing generate a personal connection with the potential customer, making it more likely that the lead will turn into a client than if the company just engaged in passive forms of marketing (such as ads in a newspaper, or ads on social media). In fact, companies that engage in many forms of direct marketing to further develop their brand recognition, build a stronger relationship with the customer base and keep a consistent marketing message across several platforms. Many professional marketers already know that people are more likely to respond to, and engage with, brands that engage them using both digital and direct mail marketing.

How Direct Marketing Can Effectively Incorporate Digital Marketing

Believe it or not, there are some companies that use a combination of direct and digital marketing on a demographic that one wouldn’t expect to be responsive to it: millennials. A recent experiment conducted by AMI Marketing has shown that, when college students receive mailers that point to social media links and/or company landing pages, they are more likely to respond (that is, engage with the company, and potentially become a client of the company) than if they just received a Tweet or a Facebook message. This same study also demonstrated that the ROI on this type of “mixed medium” direct marketing can be as high as 62 percent! While this seems counter-intuitive to the millennial mindset, it also proves that direct marketing works… especially when it combines different mediums.

Direct Marketing By The Numbers

If you still need further proof that direct marketing married with digital marketing is the best route for your company, consider this: according to SteamFeed, brand advocates (read: potential and current clients) are 50 percent more likely to “create and share” original content about the product, which leads to increased purchases. In addition, when customers receive a direct mailer about a product, 45 percent of them are likely to engage with the company via social networks. Finally, and most impressively, direct mail is 95 percent more likely to generate a response (especially via social media) than passive forms of advertising.

These numbers alone are enough to convince us that marrying direct marketing with digital marketing is the most effective way to maintain your relevance in a digital world… and we hope it does the same for you!

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