Using Analytics to Create the Ideal Direct Marketing Campaign

Correctly targeted direct marketing can be an extremely powerful tool for your business, but poor targeting can waste your marketing budget. Even if you have constructed an effective inbound marketing campaign, you may still be missing out on many potential customers if you don’t embrace direct marketing. Here are some tips for creating a direct marketing campaign that carefully focuses on your target audience.

Use Analytics to Create a Buyer Profile

The first step in creating any targeted marketing campaign is to create a buyer profile. This includes information such as the age, gender, location and social status of your typical buyer. If you don’t have this information about your customers, you need to gather it. Try sending out a survey to the customers on your mailing lists to gather as much information as you can about their demographics and lifestyles. Look for trends in the data to find out what your typical buyer is like. You can use this information to create digital marketing materials that appeal to that kind of person.

Segment Your Audience

You don’t have to restrict yourself to a single buyer profile. If your data shows that your customer base contains more than one type of buyer, then consider using segmentation to split your list into several different buyer profiles. You can then send targeted messages to each group to target their individual preferences. For example, if you run a sportswear company, you may want to send separate direct marketing mailings to men and women, so you can show each group the special offers relevant to their gender.

Assess Reactions to Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

Analytics can help you assess reactions to your digital marketing campaigns. Use analytics software to find out which recipients click through to your site from the emails you send out. Analytics software can even let you know how long these customers spend on your site and which pages they visit. Measuring this data lets you know how successful your marketing campaign is. This is useful feedback for any business, as you don’t want to waste money on marketing campaigns that aren’t working. Try sending different marketing emails to different groups of customers, so you can compare the two campaigns to find out which one is most effective.

Use Analytics With Direct Mail Marketing

When you use direct mail instead of email, it’s less obvious how to use analytics to assess the success of your marketing campaign. However, there are still some tricks you can use to track customer responses to your direct mailing. Consider sending out discounts codes that customers can use to access special offers on your website. If you send a different code for each customer or group of customers, you can see which buyers are most responsive to your marketing campaigns.

Analytics can help you understand your buyers by letting you know their demographics and interests. Use this information to target your direct marketing campaigns to particular groups of buyers or test new marketing strategies. By segmenting your email and direct mail lists into different buyer profiles that you contact with personalized offers, you can target your resources much more effectively. This could help you maximize the interest generated by your direct marketing campaigns and therefore increase your return on investment.

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