Blurring the Lines Between Direct and Digital Marketing

Are you reaching ALL your subscribers?

Are your digital marketing campaigns reaching all the subscribers in your marketing database? Chances are they are not. Marketers continue to struggle to reach subscribers who have either opted out of digital communications, have email addresses that are undelivered or simply have a preference for offline marketing.

OmniChannel Programs Deliver

Successful marketers are utilizing an Omnichannel marketing approach that includes both online and offline marketing. They are finding that combining direct mail with other digital channels is critical to creating an enhanced marketing experience for their customers.

Direct Mail Improves Campaign Effectiveness

Direct mail has also shown to improve the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign. A recent Brand Science   study reported a   62% uplift in ROI from digital campaigns that include direct mail.  Integrating direct mail in your overall marketing strategy is critical to reaching your entire marketing database. A recent study by InfoTrends reported that 49% of marketers combine direct mail with digital messaging .

Direct mail continues to be a very effective way to reach people who are interested in your product or service. The use of direct mail with other digital channels provides an enhanced marketing message that will increase sales.

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