How Direct Mail Enhances your Digital Communications

Direct mail has shown to improve the effectiveness of a digital marketing campaign. A recent Brand Science study reported a 62% uplift in ROI from digital campaigns that include direct mail. Integrating direct mail in your overall marketing strategy is critical to reaching your entire marketing database. How are marketers effectively using direct mail as part of their overall marketing strategy?

  1. Channel Preference – Not everyone prefers to receive email. A segment of a typical marketing database prefers to be communicated with using direct mail and other offline channels. Don’t turn your back on this segment and engage them using direct mail.
  2. Compliance – There are mandates for certain industries including financial services and healthcare that direct mail be included in critical communications to their subscribers.
  3. Email Opt-In – Digital marketing subscribers do opt-out of communications and emails may bounce. If your email communications are unwanted or don’t reach your subscribers, direct mail is the perfect way to re-engage them and drive them back to our email marketing database.
  4. Reminder – Including a 1st or 2nd reminder via direct mail can go a long way to driving a consumer to action.
  5. Win Back/Re-Engagement – If your emails are continually not opened, or a customer has not made a purchase in quite some time, maybe a direct mail engagement will get them engaged again with your brand.
  6. Abandoned E-commerce Shopping Cart – Like email, direct may include highly personalized content based on a subscriber profile. Examples include using images from an abandoned cart from an e-commerce website. If a customer does respond to an abandoned cart digital communication, direct mail is another way to drive the consumer to complete their purchase.

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